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What are the Highlights of the Liv @ MB Site Plan?

The highlights of the Liv @ MB site plan are listed here:

1. The Development Sits on Elevated Ground

 The development sits on elevated ground at the intersection between Arthur Road and Mountbatten Road.  Surrounded by lush green landscapes on all 4 sides, the elevated residence projects an image of grandeur and exclusivity, both near and far.

2. 80% of the Land Dedicated to Nature and Recreational Purposes

80% of the 140,760 square feet of the land area is dedicated to nature and recreational purposes in Liv @ MB.  Home to 298 exclusive units, the developer has made a conscious strategy to maximize the open living spaces in the development to allow residents to experience living on spacious grounds which is synonymous with living in a bungalow house at Mountbatten Road.

Besides the recreational facilities located at the Sky Lounge (11th floor of the southern tower) and the Roof Top (20th floor of the northern tower), an extensive land area has been deployed to create an impressive centerpiece within the development.  Known as the Landscape Deck, the highlight begins with the green and luscious Mountbatten Lawn that is likened to a welcoming carpet leading guests to approach a magnificent setting of a 45m pool and glistening water fountains fronting a row of colonial-styled bungalow “houses” which are used as dining halls and the gym.

Below shows the Liv@MB Site Plan.

Liv @ MB Site Plan

3. Residential Towers are Positioned to Offer Views of Beautiful Surroundings

The residential towers are positioned to offer views of the beautiful surroundings of the residence near and far.  This includes views of the landed estate along Arthur Road and Mountbatten Road, the curated landscape of the development, and even views of iconic landmarks such as the National Stadium and the Sports Hub.  Leveraging on the surrounding low-rise landed homes and the large squarish site, the design team has adopted a strategy that allows both the inward and outward-facing units to have access to views of the pleasant surroundings. 

The outward-facing units can enjoy open views of the landed estate and even the views of the city while the inward-facing units can enjoy the view of the majestic recreational centerpiece that spreads across an area of approximately 54m to 56m in width.

4. Generous Distance between the Residential Towers

The generous distance between the residential towers contributes effectively to an open and spacious living environment for all the residents.  The distance between northern and southern towers ranges approximately between 54m to 56m.  This is almost twice the distance between residential blocks in conventional residences.  With this distance between the towers, designers have created an impressive recreational centerpiece that consists of lavish nature landscapes, a magnificent pool, a row of bungalow-style dining halls, and an indoor gym. 

5. Facilities are Well Located in Different Areas to Provide Access to Different Views of the Surroundings

The Liv @ MB team has developed recreational facilities throughout the residence to allow residents to enjoy different parts of the development and its surroundings.  The Landscape Deck, located on the ground floor offers extensive facilities of more than 30 types with a focus on garden landscapes, water features, dining halls, and gyms. 

To take advantage of the unblocked views of the low-rise landed estate, the development offers recreational facilities on the 11th floor of the southwest tower and the rooftop of the northern tower.   

6. Convenient Access Points to Public Transportation

Convenient access points to public transportation are located in Liv @ MB with 2 key access areas for residents. Firstly, from the main entrance at Arthur Road, residents can enjoy a quick 3-minute walk to Katong Park MRT station.  Secondly, the side entrance for pedestrians located along Mountbatten Road offers easy accessibility to major bus services to the city and other parts of the island. 


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